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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5946 sensitivity
5946 sensitivity

5946 sensitivity

Deep feelings for others and sympathy for their needs, leading to appropriate action on their behalf. Spiritual sensitivity is the ability to perceive and respond to the call of God or the spiritual demands of the moment. Oversensitivity and lack of sensitivity are extremes to be avoided.

God’s sensitivity to his people

Ex 3:7 See also Jdg 2:18; Isa 40:2; La 3:22; Hos 2:14; Lk 1:78

Sensitivity shown by Jesus Christ

Mt 12:20 See also Isa 42:3
Mt 23:37 pp Lk 13:34 See also Lk 7:12-13; Lk 19:41; Jn 9:34-35; Jn 11:33-35

Jesus Christ’s own experience of temptation Heb 4:14-15 See also Heb 2:18

Sensitivity to others

Arises from an experience of God’s compassion 2Co 1:3-4 See also Php 2:1

Believers urged to show sensitivity Ro 12:15 See also Isa 40:2; Eph 4:32; Col 3:12-13; 1Pe 3:8; Heb 13:3

Sensitivity to foreigners in Israel Ex 23:9 pp Ex 22:21 See also Lev 19:33-34

Sensitivity to those in distress Job 2:11-13 See also Mt 26:38-40 pp Mk 14:34-37; 2Co 7:5-7; Heb 10:33-34; Jas 1:27

Sensitivity to those weak in faith Ro 15:1 See also Ro 14:1-3,15; 1Co 8:9-12; 1Th 2:7

Sensitivity in speech Pr 15:23; Pr 16:24; Pr 25:11,15; 1Pe 3:15

Insensitivity to others

Examples of insensitivity to others Dt 28:53-57 As a result of God’s judgment, the most sensitive person will become insensitive even to the needs of family; 1Sa 1:13-14 Eli’s insensitivity to Hannah; Job 16:2 the insensitivity of Job’s “comforters”; Jnh 4:9-11 Jonah’s insensitivity to the people of Nineveh; Mt 19:13 pp Mk 10:13 pp Lk 18:15 the disciples’insensitivity towards children brought to Jesus Christ; 1Co 11:20-21 insensitivity to the needs of others; Jas 2:2-4 insensitivity towards poorer visitors to church

The results of insensitivity Ps 69:20; Pr 25:17,20


Oversensitivity in the face of rejection 1Sa 25:11-13 David’s hasty reaction towards Nabal; Lk 9:53-54 James’and John’s hasty reaction

Oversensitivity of conscience Ro 14:2; 1Co 8:6-8

Spiritual sensitivity

Spiritual awareness 1Sa 3:8 See also Mt 24:32-34 pp Mk 13:28-29 pp Lk 21:29-30; Ac 16:9-10

Lack of spiritual sensitivity Eph 4:18-19 See also Pr 23:31-35; Ro 1:28-29; 1Ti 4:1-4 Refusing to repent: Isa 42:25; Jer 5:3 Refusing to pay attention: Eze 12:2; Zec 7:11-14

God hardens human hearts Ex 7:3; Ro 1:24-25

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