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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5945 self-pity
5945 self-pity

5945 self-pity

Sorrow or despondency aroused by one’s own suffering or misfortune. It can result from personal loss or suffering, hardship in God’s service or the judgment of God. Its cure is to remember the goodness of God.

Examples of self-pity as a result of personal loss or suffering

The Israelites in the wilderness Ex 16:3 See also Ex 14:10-12; Ex 17:3; Nu 11:4-6; Nu 14:1-4; Dt 1:26-28; 1Co 10:10-11

Job Job 6:1-13; Job 10:1 See also Job 3:1-26; Job 12:1-6; Job 16:6-17:2; Job 30:9-31

Other examples Ge 27:34,38; 2Sa 15:30; 2Ki 20:2-3 pp Isa 38:2-3; Ps 10:1; Ps 73:2-3,13-14; Ps 74:1

Examples of self-pity as a result of hardship in the service of God

Moses Nu 11:11-15 See also Ex 5:22-23; Ex 17:4

Elijah 1Ki 19:4 See also 1Ki 19:10,14

Jeremiah Jer 15:10 See also Jer 15:18; Jer 20:7-10,14-18

Other examples Jer 45:3 See also Jnh 4:1-5

Examples of self-pity as a result of God’s judgment

Ps 137:1-9; La 3:1-18; Rev 18:9-19 The kings, merchants and sailors will be full of self-pity when they see the destruction of Babylon, because their opportunities for making wealth will be gone.

People calling upon others to pity them

Job 19:21 See also Mk 9:22; Lk 17:13

Turning to God puts self-pity in its true perspective

Ps 43:5; Ps 73:16-17 See also Ps 3:1-4; Ps 13:1-6; Ps 37:1-7; Ps 73:23-28; Ps 106:7; La 3:19-26,31-33; 2Co 1:5; 2Co 6:3-10; Jas 1:2-3; 1Pe 4:13

See also

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