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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5941 secrecy
5941 secrecy

5941 secrecy

Behaving in a way designed to keep intentions or feelings hidden from others. In Scripture acting or speaking in secret is often linked with wrongdoing, although not in all cases. But nothing can be kept secret from God.

Secrecy as a cover for wrongdoing

Eph 5:11-12 See also Dt 13:6; Dt 27:15,24; 2Sa 15:10 Absalom’s camp; 2Ki 17:9 high places, centres of pagan Canaanite worship; Job 31:24-28; Ps 10:8; Pr 9:17; Pr 17:23; Isa 65:4; Ac 6:11; 2Co 4:2; 2Th 2:7 Secret activity of false teachers: 2Pe 2:1; Jude 4

Secrecy associated with Satan and the black arts

Rev 2:24 See also Ex 7:11,22; Ex 8:7,18; 2Th 2:7

Secrecy sometimes ensures safety

Jos 2:1 See also Jdg 3:15-26; 2Sa 21:12
Est 2:20 See also Jer 13:17; Jer 38:16; Mk 7:24; Jn 7:2-10; Jn 19:38

Nothing can be kept secret from God

Jer 23:24 See also 2Sa 12:7-12; Job 13:10; Ps 44:20-21; Ps 90:8; Ps 101:5; Ps 139:1-15

God’s truths are not made known in secret

Isa 45:19 See also Isa 48:16; Jn 18:20; Ac 26:26

Secrecy in worship

Mt 6:16-18 See also Mt 6:1-6


Divine secrets Dt 29:29 See also Job 11:5-6; Eze 28:3; Mt 13:10-11 pp Mk 4:10-11; Lk 8:10; Isa 6:9; 1Co 2:7; 1Co 4:1

Human secrets Pr 11:13 See also Jdg 16:5-17; Ro 2:16; 1Co 14:24-25; Php 4:12

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