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5940 searching

5940 searching

Scripture points to several aspects of searching: the human search for satisfaction in the things of this world, the human search for God and God’s search for lost humanity.

The human search for security in the world

The search for material well-being Lk 12:16-19 See also Ge 42:1-3; Ru 3:1; Job 28:1-11; La 1:11

The search for comfort Ps 119:82 See also Ex 14:10-12; Nu 11:4-6; 1Ki 1:1-4

The search for success Ecc 2:1-11 See also 2Ch 18:9-12; Jer 45:5

The search for security Jos 9:22-24 The Gibeonites resorted to deception in their eagerness to be secure. See also Ex 16:2-3; Jdg 18:7; 2Ki 20:19 pp Isa 39:8

The search for love Pr 7:18 See also Jdg 14:1-3; 2Sa 13:1-14; 1Ki 11:1-3

The search for wisdom and understanding Ecc 8:16-17 See also Ecc 7:24-29

Instructions to search for God

Isa 55:6-7 See also 1Ch 28:9; 2Ch 7:14; Jer 29:13; Mt 7:7-8

God’s search for lost humanity

Eze 34:11 See also Lk 15:1-10; Lk 19:9-10

God searches a person’s innermost being

Pr 20:27 See also 1Ch 28:9; Ps 139:1-4; Jer 17:10; Ro 8:27; Rev 2:23

See also

1020God, all-knowing
1220God as shepherd
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8160seeking God
8648enquiring of God

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