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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5934 restraint
5934 restraint

5934 restraint

The holding back of actions, emotions or forces, whether one’s own or another’s. God holds back the power and extent of evil in the world and restrains his anger. Believers are to show similar self-control in life, especially in speech.

Restraint as the holding back of actions

The example of Jesus Christ Mt 26:52-53

Other examples See also Ex 36:6 God restrains the Israelites; 1Sa 3:13 Eli’s failure to restrain his sons David spared Saul’s life: 1Sa 24:1-22; 1Sa 26:1-25
1Ki 1:6 David’s failure to restrain Adonijah; Est 5:10 Haman’s self-restraint; Jer 14:10 Judah’s lack of restraint; 2Pe 2:16 Balaam’s donkey

Restraint as the holding back of emotions

Jesus Christ’s silence under suffering 1Pe 2:21-23 See also Mt 26:62-63 pp Mk 14:60-61; Mt 27:12-14 pp Mk 15:4-5

Restraint as the holding back of forces

God and the Red Sea Ex 14:21 See also Ex 15:8; Ps 78:13

Jesus Christ and the wind and the waves Mt 8:23-27 pp Mk 4:36-41 pp Lk 8:22-25

God restrains the power of evil

In the world Mk 13:20 pp Mt 24:22 See also 2Ki 19:28; Ps 76:10; 2Th 2:6-7; Rev 20:2

From the righteous Jn 17:15 See also 1Sa 25:39; 1Ch 4:10; Ps 19:13; Ps 34:7; Ps 141:3; Mt 6:13 pp Lk 11:4; Rev 7:3

God restrains his anger

Ps 78:38 See also Ex 34:6; Nu 14:18; Ne 9:17; Ps 74:11; Ps 86:15; Ps 103:8; Ps 145:8; Isa 48:9; Joel 2:13; Jnh 4:2; 2Pe 3:9

Believers are to show restraint

In their speech Ps 141:3; Jas 1:26 See also Ps 39:1; Pr 13:3; Pr 21:23; Jas 3:2-12; 1Pe 3:10; Ps 34:13

In their actions Ps 32:9 See also Ro 6:12

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