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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5928 resentment, against God
5928 resentment, against God

5928 resentment, against God

Resentment against God or Jesus Christ is usually the consequence of a lack of faith or unbelief or as a response to adverse circumstances.

Israel’s resentment against God expressed in constant grumbling

Resentment at hardships and lack of provisions Ex 15:24; Ex 16:2-3; Ex 17:3; Nu 20:2-5; Nu 21:4-5

Resentment due to faithless fear Ex 14:10-11; Nu 14:2-3,36; Dt 1:27; Ps 106:25

God’s response to Israel’s resentment

Punishment Nu 11:1; Nu 14:27-30,37; Ps 106:26-27; 1Co 10:10

Merciful provision Ex 16:4,8-9,11-12; Nu 17:5,10

Expressions of resentment

At suffering Job 10:1 See also Job 3:20-26; Job 7:11; 1Sa 1:10; Ps 77:1-3; Ps 142:2; Jer 15:18

At apparently unjust treatment by God Ru 1:20-21 See also Job 23:2; Isa 40:27

At God’s word Mk 6:18-19 See also 1Ki 20:42-43; 1Ki 21:4; 2Ch 30:10; 2Ch 36:16

The folly of resentment

Job 5:2 See also Ps 73:21-22; Pr 15:12; Pr 19:3; La 3:39

The evil of resentment

Job 36:13 See also Jas 3:14-16; Jude 16

Resentment towards Jesus Christ

At his miracles Mt 13:54-58 pp Mk 6:1-6; Mt 21:15

At his teaching Mt 15:12; Jn 6:60-61

At his claims Jn 6:41-43

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