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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5926 rebuke
5926 rebuke

5926 rebuke

A verbal expression of blame. Scripture gives examples of both divine and human rebuke. Sometimes God issues rebukes directly but more commonly he did so through the OT prophets. In the NT Jesus Christ and the apostles issue rebukes and teach the church how to address those who sin.

God has an absolute right to rebuke those who depart from his ways

He sometimes exercises this right directly Lev 26:23-24 See also Dt 28:20; Ne 9:30; Job 5:17; Ps 39:11; Ps 50:21; Ps 94:12; Ps 105:14; Ps 119:21; Jer 2:19,30; Heb 8:8

His rebuke is powerful Job 26:11; Ps 80:16; Ps 104:7; Isa 50:2

In the OT much rebuke came indirectly

Balaam’s ass rebukes Balaam: Nu 22:28; 2Pe 2:16
1Sa 2:25 Eli rebukes his sons; 1Sa 15:12-26 Samuel rebukes Saul; 1Sa 24:5-7 David rebukes his men; 2Sa 12:1-12 Nathan rebukes David; 1Ki 18:18 Elijah rebukes Ahab; Ezr 10:9-11 Ezra rebukes the men of Judah and Benjamin; Isa 1:10-17 Isaiah rebukes Judah and Jerusalem; Hos 4:1-3 Hosea rebukes the Israelites.

Examples of Jesus Christ issuing rebukes

To evil spirits Mt 17:18 pp Mk 9:25 pp Lk 9:42 See also Lk 4:41

To his disciples Mk 8:33 pp Mt 16:23; Mk 16:14

Other examples of rebuke being administered in the NT

Inappropriate rebukes by Jesus Christ’s disciples: Mt 16:22 pp Mk 8:32; Mt 19:13 pp Mk 10:13 pp Lk 18:15
Lk 3:19 John the Baptist rebukes Herod; Lk 23:40-41 The repentant thief on the cross rebukes the other crucified criminal.

Proverbs on the subject of rebuke

The importance of responding correctly to a rebuke Pr 1:23-26 See also Pr 6:23; Pr 10:17; Pr 12:1; Pr 15:10,31-32; Pr 17:10; Pr 19:25; Ecc 7:5

Different responses to a rebuke Pr 9:7-8

Instructions to believers on giving and receiving rebuke

On giving a rebuke Lev 19:17 See also Mt 18:15; Lk 17:3; Gal 6:1; Col 1:28; Col 3:16; 1Ti 5:1 advice on rebuking those who are older; 1Ti 5:20 disciplining elders; 2Ti 3:16 the usefulness of Scripture for rebuking; 2Ti 4:2; Tit 1:9,13; Tit 2:15; Jas 5:19-20

On receiving a rebuke Heb 12:5 See also 1Co 16:14

Believers thus follow the example of the Lord himself Heb 12:6 See also Pr 3:12; Rev 3:19

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