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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5922 prudence
5922 prudence

5922 prudence

Careful, wise discernment; the avoidance of rash behaviour or speech; the good management of talents and resources and the showing of tact and wisdom in relationships with other people.

The link between prudence and wisdom

Pr 8:12 See also Pr 1:1-6

Characteristics of prudence

Discernment Pr 14:15 See also Pr 12:16; Pr 14:8; Lk 14:28-32

Foresight and caution Pr 22:3 See also Pr 23:1-3; Am 5:13

Wise use of knowledge Pr 12:23 See also Pr 14:18; Mt 7:6

Wise speech Pr 21:23 See also Ps 39:1; Jas 3:5-8

A teachable spirit Pr 15:5

Prudence involves good management of talents and resources

Good management commended Pr 6:6-11 See also Ge 41:33-40; Pr 24:27; Mt 25:14-30

Warnings against unwise financial dealings Pr 22:26-27 See also Pr 6:1-5; Mt 5:25-26

Examples of prudent behaviour

In averting disaster 1Sa 25:14-35 See also Ge 32:3-21

In avoiding persecution Ac 14:5-7 See also Mt 12:14-16 pp Mk 3:6-7 Jesus Christ Paul: Ac 9:23-25,29-30
Ac 12:17 Peter

Prudence in dealing with other people Ge 26:26-31 Abimelech makes a treaty with Isaac; Ge 32:3-21 Jacob prepares to meet Esau; Ne 2:1-6 Nehemiah petitions Artaxerxes; Da 1:8-14 Daniel’s diplomacy in avoiding Nebuchanezzar’s food; Da 2:10-16 Daniel’s wisdom and tact in the face of death; Mt 22:15-22 Jesus Christ’s wisdom on the question of paying taxes to Caesar; Ac 5:33-40 Gamaliel’s speech to the Sanhedrin

See also

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