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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5920 pretence
5920 pretence

5920 pretence

The deception of others by individuals, usually for the sake of their own interest, safety or pride. Scripture condemns such pretence and demands honesty from believers at every point.

Pretence practised by people for their own interests

The wearing of a disguise 1Ki 14:1-6 See also Ge 27:5-19,35-36; Ge 29:16-25; Ge 38:13-16; 2Sa 14:1-3

Other pretences Ge 42:7 See also Ge 34:13-15,25; 2Sa 13:1-11; 2Ki 10:18-19; Pr 13:7; Jer 9:6-9; Mt 22:15-22 pp Mk 12:13-17 pp Lk 20:20-26

Pretence practised by people for their own safety

The wearing of a disguise Jos 9:3-22 See also 1Sa 28:7-12; 1Ki 22:29-32 pp 2Ch 18:28-32

Other pretences 1Sa 21:10-13 See also 1Sa 19:11-17; Ps 34:1 Title; Ac 27:29-30

Examples of pretence

That practised by people because of their pride Pr 12:9 See also 2Ch 35:20-22; Pr 13:7; Mt 6:2,5,16; Mt 23:27-28; Mt 24:4-5 pp Mk 13:5-6 pp Lk 21:8

That practised by people in their approach to God Jer 3:10 See also Mt 15:7-8 pp Mk 7:6; Isa 29:13

That commanded by the Lord for his own purpose 1Ki 20:37-43

God’s people must rid themselves of pretence

1Pe 2:1 See also Ps 119:29; Lk 12:1; 1Pe 2:21-22; Isa 53:9

The gospel demolishes pretence

2Co 10:5

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