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5919 popularity

5919 popularity

The state of being liked and admired. Scripture notes how the faithful preaching of the gospel will lead to hostility and unpopularity, not least on account of its demands on people and its proclamation of judgment.

The popularity of Jesus Christ during his early ministry

Crowds gathered round him Mk 2:2 See also Mk 3:10; Mk 5:24; Lk 5:1; Lk 8:19,45

Many people followed him Mt 4:25; Mt 13:2; Mt 15:30; Mk 1:33; Mk 2:13; Lk 12:1

The popularity of David

1Sa 18:7; 1Sa 21:11; 1Sa 29:5; 2Sa 3:36

Popularity can result from seeking approval from human beings, rather than from God

Jn 12:43 See also Lk 6:26; Col 3:22

Actions carried out to gain popularity

2Sa 15:1-6 Absalom’s attempt to curry favour; Ac 12:1-3 Herod’s arrest of Christians; Ac 24:27 Felix’imprisonment of Paul; Ac 25:9 Festus’prosecution of Paul

Causes of unpopularity for the gospel

Its appeal to those whom the world regards as weak and foolish 1Co 1:26-29; 1Co 2:6-7

Its insistence that people are sinful Ro 7:7; 1Ti 5:20; 1Jn 1:8

Its challenge to vested interests Jn 11:45-48 the Pharisees’privileged position; Ac 19:23-40 the silversmith’s trade; Ac 5:17-41; Ac 21:27-36

The high demands that the gospel makes of people Mk 10:17-23

The difficulty of some of Jesus Christ’s sayings Jn 6:60-66

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