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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5910 motives, examples of
5910 motives, examples of

5910 motives, examples of

Scripture reflects the wide range of motives which influence human behaviour.

Right actions can result from wrong motives

Php 1:15-18 See also 1Sa 18:20-23

Right motives do not always produce right actions

1Ki 8:17-19 pp 2Ch 6:7-9 See also Mt 1:18-20

Examples of wrong motives

Malice and envy Ge 37:11 See also Ge 37:18-28; Est 3:1-9; Eze 25:15-16; Eze 36:5; Mt 2:7-13

Greed Jn 12:4-6 See also 2Ki 5:19-27; Tit 1:10-11

Motives are sometimes misjudged

Jos 22:9-34 See also Nu 32:1-33; 2Sa 10:1-4 pp 1Ch 19:1-4; 2Ki 5:5-7

Jesus Christ’s actions motivated by a desire to do God’s will

Jn 8:29 See also Jn 4:34; Jn 6:38; Heb 10:5-7; Ps 40:6-8

Paul’s motives

Paul rejected all base motives in ministry 1Th 2:3-6 See also 2Co 2:17

Paul was motivated by his knowledge of God 2Co 5:9-12

Paul was concerned for the spiritual growth of others Php 4:14-18 Paul’s motive in rejoicing in the gift from the Philippians was the spiritual benefit which they would gain as a result of it. See also Php 1:22-26; Phm 8-14

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