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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5909 motives, importance of
5909 motives, importance of

5909 motives, importance of

God acts from the highest, purest motives and expects his people to do the same.

God’s supreme motive is the honour of his name

Ps 106:8 See also Ex 9:16; Ps 23:3; Isa 43:7; Eze 36:20-23; Eph 1:11-14

God’s glory is to be the highest motive of his people

1Co 10:31 See also Nu 25:7-13; Isa 26:8; Col 3:17; 1Pe 4:11

Purity of motive is essential for acceptable worship

Mt 6:1-18 See also Ps 51:6,10; Ps 86:11; Mt 5:8

Wrong motives hinder effective prayer

Jas 4:3 See also Ps 66:18; 1Jn 3:21-22

Motives for good moral behaviour

Wanting to please God Col 3:22-25 See also Eph 6:5-8

Compassion for others Dt 24:17-22 The experience of slavery and the exodus were to promote compassion for the poor and the alien. See also Ex 22:21-27; Lev 25:35-42,54-55

Fear of punishment for sin Heb 13:4 See also Col 3:5-6; 1Th 4:3-6

God judges the motives of the heart

Pr 16:2 See also 1Ch 28:9; Pr 20:27

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