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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5903 maturity, physical
5903 maturity, physical

5903 maturity, physical

In the OT, reaching adulthood brought with it certain privileges and responsibilities.

Growth to physical and psychological maturity

Lk 2:52 Jesus Christ’s normal childhood is evidence of his full humanity. See also 1Sa 2:26; Lk 1:80; Lk 2:40; 1Co 13:11

The responsibilities of maturity in the Israelite community

The payment of atonement money Ex 30:11-16; Ex 38:25-26

Eligibility for military service Nu 1:2-3,45; Nu 26:2; 2Ch 25:5

Accountability for actions Nu 14:29; Nu 32:11

Inheritance of the land Nu 26:52-54

Serving Levites Nu 8:24-25; 1Ch 23:24,27; Ezr 3:8

Maturity should produce wisdom

Job 12:12 See also Job 15:10; Job 32:6-9; Pr 7:7; Ecc 4:13

Respect should be shown to the mature

Lev 19:32 See also Job 32:4; Pr 23:22; 1Ti 5:1-2; 1Pe 5:5

Maturity of years seen as God’s blessing

Ge 24:1; Ru 4:15; 1Ch 29:28

The maturity of crops for harvest used as a metaphor

Joel 3:13; Jn 4:35-36 See also Am 8:1-2; Mt 9:37-38 pp Lk 10:1-2; Mk 4:26-29; Rev 14:15

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