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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5897 judging others
5897 judging others

5897 judging others

God’s people are to exercise fairness and impartiality when called upon to exercise judgment in legal or church matters. However, the temptation to pass judgment upon the life or testimony of other individuals is clearly warned against.

Judging others in a legal situation

Fairness and impartiality are required by God Dt 16:18-20 See also Ex 23:6-7; Lev 19:15; Dt 1:16-17; Pr 24:23; Eze 18:5-8

Judges are appointed by God 1Ki 3:28 See also Ex 18:13-16; 1Sa 7:15; 1Sa 12:1-4

Jesus Christ refuses to judge others

Jn 8:3-11 See also Lk 12:13-14; Jn 7:24; Jn 8:15-16

Judging others in the church

Judgmental attitudes condemned Mt 7:1-5 pp Lk 6:37-42 See also Ro 2:1-3; Ro 14:1-13; Col 2:16; Jas 2:1-4; Jas 4:11-12

A discerning attitude commended 1Co 5:12-13 See also 1Co 5:1-5; 1Co 6:1-6

Evaluation of ministries commended Mt 7:15-20 See also 2Co 11:10-15; Php 3:2

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