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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5887 inexperience
5887 inexperience

5887 inexperience

Lack of experience of life or a particular aspect of life. Inexperience is often associated with the young who are thus vulnerable and who should be taught by those older and wiser. God sometimes calls the inexperienced to leadership but usually also provides encouragement and support from more experienced leaders.

The inexperience of youth

1Sa 3:4-7; Jer 1:6 See also Dt 1:39; 1Ki 3:7; 1Ch 29:1; 2Ch 10:8-11 pp 1Ki 12:8-11; 2Ch 13:7; Isa 7:15-16

The inexperienced may be led astray

2Ki 17:41 Children often follow in the ways of their parents; Mt 18:6 See also 1Ki 22:53; 2Ki 24:9; Mk 9:42; Lk 17:2

God’s call to the inexperienced

Jer 1:7-8 See also 1Sa 16:11-13 David, Jesse’s youngest son, is chosen by God; 1Sa 17:33 David’s inexperience in the face of Goliath; 1Ti 4:12 Timothy was called to pastor a church despite his youth. In general, however, church leaders should be people of experience (see 1Ti 3:6).

Support for the inexperienced

Teaching the inexperienced Dt 4:9-10; Job 8:8-9 Each generation learns from the wisdom and experience of those going before. See also Dt 11:2-7; Dt 31:13; Job 32:6-7; Ps 71:18; Ps 78:3-5; Pr 5:1-2; Eph 6:4

Examples of help given to the inexperienced 1Ch 22:5 See also Dt 1:38 Moses is to encourage his young successor, Joshua; Jdg 3:1-2 teaching warfare to those who have no experience of it; 1Sa 3:8-10 Eli instructs the inexperienced Samuel; 1Ki 19:19-21 Elisha becomes Elijah’s attendant; 1Ch 28:20 David encourages Solomon to build the temple; Pr 4:3-4 Solomon recalls the instruction given by his father; Ac 15:39 Barnabas takes John Mark with him; 2Ti 3:14-15 Paul reminds Timothy of the example he has been given.

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