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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5883 impatience
5883 impatience

5883 impatience

A refusal to wait for people or developments, frequently displaying a lack of faith.

Examples of impatience

Ge 16:1-2 Abraham and Sarah who did not wait for God to give them the son he had promised; Ge 25:30 Esau’s impatience cost him his birthright; Nu 20:9-11 Moses Israel: Nu 21:4; Ps 106:13; Isa 59:7
1Sa 13:6-12 Saul made the offering without waiting for Samuel; 2Sa 13:2 Amnon with his half-sister, Tamar; 2Sa 14:29 Absalom with Joab; 2Sa 18:14 Joab with Absalom; 2Ki 5:11-12 Naaman; 2Ki 6:33 King Joram Job: Job 6:11; Job 21:4
Job 32:16 Elihu; Mt 18:29-30 the unforgiving debtor; Lk 15:2 The younger son could not wait for his inheritance; Jn 21:3 Peter; Ac 20:16 Paul; 1Co 11:20-21 the Corinthian Christians at their communal meal; Rev 6:10-11 the martyrs waiting for the Lord to avenge their deaths

Warnings against impatience

Ps 37:7; Pr 19:2; Gal 6:9; Jas 1:19-20 See also Pr 6:18; Pr 12:16; Pr 14:29; Pr 15:18; Pr 16:32; Pr 20:3 Haste leads to poverty: Pr 21:5; Pr 28:22
Pr 25:8 the need to exercise caution in disputes Warnings against hasty speech: Pr 29:20; Ecc 5:2
Ecc 7:9; Ecc 8:3; Hab 2:3

See also

1095God, patience of
2060Christ, patience of
8613prayer, persistence

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