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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5881 immaturity
5881 immaturity

5881 immaturity

The result of insufficient growth, or a failure to develop to one’s full potential.

Marks of physical immaturity

Pride 2Sa 15:1-4

Rejection of wise counsel Dt 21:18; 1Ki 12:8

Tactlessness 1Ki 12:13-14

Lack of respect 2Ki 2:23; Job 19:18

Weakness of character 2Ch 13:7

Foolishness Pr 22:15

Lack of understanding Dt 1:39; Pr 1:4; Jnh 4:11; 1Co 13:11

Lack of self-control Tit 2:6

Disgrace Pr 29:15

Waste Lk 15:13

Spiritual immaturity is to be avoided

1Co 14:20; Heb 6:1 See also 2Co 13:9,11 The word “perfection” may be understood in terms of maturity; Eph 4:13,15; Col 1:28; Col 4:12; Jas 1:4; 2Pe 3:18

Marks of spiritual immaturity

Backsliding Mt 13:20-21 pp Mk 4:16-17 pp Lk 8:13 Jesus Christ to his disciples. See also Gal 4:8-9

An over-sensitive conscience Ro 14:2

Lack of spiritual understanding 1Co 3:1-2 See also Mt 11:16-19 pp Lk 7:31-35; Heb 5:11-14

Divisiveness 1Co 3:3

Instability Eph 4:14 See also Jas 1:6-7

Pride 1Ti 3:6 The church overseer must be a spiritually mature person. See also 1Pe 5:5

Remedies for immaturity

Confession of sin Pr 28:13 See also Jer 3:13-22; Jas 5:16; 1Jn 1:9

Discipline Pr 3:11-12 See also Ps 119:67-71; 1Pe 4:1-2; Rev 3:19

Prayer and meditation Ps 119:97-99 See also Ps 119:27; Jn 17:17-19; Ro 8:26; Heb 4:16; Jas 1:25

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