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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5877 hesitation
5877 hesitation

5877 hesitation

A delay in reaching a decision, or a reluctance to reach a decision, on account of uncertainty, caution or rebellion. Scripture provides examples of individuals who hesitate in the face of divine commands or promises, and indicates its dangers.

Examples of people who hesitated

Lot Ge 19:16

Lot’s wife Ge 19:26 See also Ge 19:17; Lk 17:32

Moses Ex 3:11,13; Ex 4:1,10,13; Ex 6:12

Peter in obeying the Lord Ac 11:12 See also Ac 10:14-20

Other examples Israel on approaching the promised land: Nu 13:31-33; Nu 14:1-4
Jdg 6:36-40 Gideon; 1Ki 18:21 Israel in the time of Elijah; Jer 1:6 Jeremiah

Examples of people who did not hesitate

Caleb Nu 13:30

Simon and Andrew Mt 4:18-20 pp Mk 1:16-18 pp Lk 5:10-11 pp Jn 1:40-42

Paul Ac 20:27 See also Ac 20:20

Believers should not hesitate to act when they know what is right

They should not hesitate to speak Isa 58:1

Jesus Christ commands immediate obedience Lk 9:62 See also Lk 9:57-60 pp Mt 8:19-22

God does not hesitate

To bring judgment Eze 24:14 See also Eze 12:25; Da 9:14

The delay in Jesus Christ’s return is not due to hesitation 2Pe 3:9

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