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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5866 gluttony
5866 gluttony

5866 gluttony

Scripture condemns an excessive greed for food. Its unrestrained self-indulgence often leads to deeper iniquity and represents a rejection of godly moderation.

Gluttony is a form of idolatry and therefore condemned as offensive to God

Eph 5:5; Php 3:19 See also Ps 10:3; Isa 22:12-14 Gluttony as escapism, trying to avoid God’s requirements; Zec 7:4-6 Even their religious feasts were nothing but self-indulgence; Mk 7:21-23; 1Co 6:9-10; 1Co 10:7; Col 3:5; Jas 5:5

Gluttony is closely linked with drunkenness

Ex 32:6; Jdg 9:27; 1Sa 25:36

The destructive consequences of gluttony

Pr 23:20-21; Pr 28:7 See also Pr 15:27; Pr 28:25; Ecc 6:7

Warnings against gluttony

Pr 23:1-2; Lk 12:15; Eph 5:3; Col 3:5 See also Lk 12:19-20; Lk 21:34; 1Co 5:9-11; Gal 5:19-21; Tit 1:12-13; 1Pe 4:3-4

Examples of gluttony

Ge 25:29-34 Esau putting food before his birthright; Nu 11:32 the children of Israel gorging on quail; 1Sa 30:16 an Amalekite raiding party; 1Ki 1:24-25 Adonijah feasting with his supporters; Da 5:1 King Belshazzar; Mt 11:19 pp Lk 7:34 Jesus Christ falsely accused of gluttony; Mt 23:25 pp Lk 11:39 the Pharisees; Mt 24:49 pp Lk 12:45 the irresponsible servant; Lk 15:13 the prodigal son; 2Pe 2:13-14 false teachers

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