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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5861 favour, human
5861 favour, human

5861 favour, human

Looking kindly upon someone or treating someone with special regard. Favour can be gained by means of good character, gifts, service or through the intervention of God. Scripture warns against undue favouritism.

Examples of those who were regarded with favour by others

OT characters 1Sa 2:26 Samuel David: 1Sa 16:18,21-22; 1Sa 18:6-7; 1Sa 20:3 Esther: Est 2:15,17
Da 1:9 Daniel

Jesus Christ Lk 2:52

The first Christians See also Ac 2:47; Ro 14:18

Finding favour can lead to being treated with special regard

Ru 2:13-16 See also Pr 16:15; Pr 19:12

Being held in favour can create an opportunity for a request to be made

Ne 2:5 See also Ge 30:27; Ge 47:29-30; Ge 50:4-6; Nu 32:5; Ru 2:2; 1Sa 20:28-29; 1Sa 27:5; Est 7:3; Est 8:5

Finding favour with others

Through good character Pr 3:3-4 See also Pr 13:15; Pr 28:23; Ecc 9:11; Phm 14

Through the giving of gifts Ge 32:5; Ge 33:8-11,15; Ge 34:11-12; Ps 45:12; Pr 19:6; Eze 16:33-34

Through service rendered Ge 39:3-4 See also 2Sa 14:19-22; Eph 6:6 pp Col 3:22

Through the intervention of God Ge 39:21; Ex 3:21; Ex 11:3; Ex 12:36; Ne 1:11

Warnings against favouritism

Lev 19:15; 1Ti 5:21 See also Ex 23:3; Dt 1:17; Job 13:10; Pr 24:23-25; Mal 2:9; Jas 2:1-4,9

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