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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5858 fat
5858 fat

5858 fat

Used to describe a successful person, fruitful land or healthy animals. It is often associated with the idea of prosperity and contentment. It also designates the part of an animal used in OT sacrifices.

Fat as a symbol of success

Isa 10:27; Jer 5:27-28 See also Dt 32:15; Job 15:27-28; Eze 34:16

Fat representing fruitful land

Ge 45:18

Fat animals

Ge 41:2 See also Ge 41:17-21; 1Sa 15:9; Ps 66:15; Eze 34:20

Fat people

Jdg 3:17 See also Jdg 3:18-22

Fat used in the context of judgment

Isa 17:4

The fat of animals

Not to be eaten Lev 3:17 See also Lev 7:22-25

To be offered to God in sacrifice Lev 3:16 See also Ge 4:4; Lev 3:3-5; Nu 18:17; Dt 32:37-38; 1Sa 2:15-16; 1Sa 15:22; 1Ki 8:64; Isa 34:6-7; Isa 43:24; Eze 39:19

See also

7435sacrifice, in OT

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