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5857 fame

5857 fame

The reputation gained by individuals or groups of people as a result of their achievements. Scripture shows how God’s fame among the nations rested upon his saving actions and, in the NT, how the miracles of Jesus Christ brought him widespread fame. God’s people are to rejoice in his fame, without lapsing into arrogance.

God’s acts of salvation have brought him renown

Jos 9:9-10 See also Ex 8:9-11; Nu 14:13-16; Ps 72:1-19; Ps 135:13-14; Isa 55:13; Isa 63:11-14; Jer 32:20; Hab 3:2

Jesus Christ’s teaching and miracles brought him fame

Mt 4:24 See also Mt 8:32-34 pp Mk 5:14-17 pp Lk 8:34-37; Mt 9:27-31; Mk 1:27-28 pp Lk 4:36-37

Jesus Christ taught servanthood rather than the pursuit of status and fame Mk 9:33-35 pp Mt 18:1-4 pp Lk 9:46-48 Mk 10:42-45 pp Mt 20:25-28

Israel’s fame dependent on her obedience to God

Dt 26:18-19 See also Dt 2:24-25

Israel made famous in order to glorify God Jer 13:11 See also Jer 33:9

Israel’s abuse of her fame led to judgment Eze 16:14-15 See also Eze 16:35-42

Glorious restoration promised by God Hos 14:7 See also Isa 61:1-4

Local, national or international fame

Local 1Ch 12:30

National Jos 6:27 See also Est 9:4

International 1Ch 14:17 See also 1Ki 4:31; 1Ki 10:1 pp 2Ch 9:1; 2Ch 26:8; Isa 45:1-7

God’s judgment on the arrogance that may come with fame

Isa 23:8-9 See also Jer 48:16-18,29-30; Eze 26:15-18

Famous for doing wrong

Nu 16:40; 1Ki 15:34; Jude 11

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