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5851 excuse

5851 excuse

The attempt to deny responsibility for an action or for a lack of action. There is no excuse for sin.

Examples of excuses given for wrong actions

Ge 3:12-13 by Adam and Eve for eating the forbidden fruit; Ex 32:22-24 by Aaron for making the golden calf; 1Sa 13:11-12 by Saul for acting as priest By Saul for not fully obeying the Lord: 1Sa 15:20-21,24-25

Examples of excuses given for inaction

By Moses: Ex 3:11; Ex 4:10
Jdg 6:15 by Gideon By the lazy: Pr 22:13; Pr 26:13
Jer 1:6 by Jeremiah By the fearful: Mt 25:14-30; Lk 19:12-27
Mt 25:41-45 by the ignorant

Excuses given by those unwilling to follow Jesus Christ

Lk 14:16-24 See also Mt 22:2-3; Lk 9:59-62

There is no excuse for sin

Ro 1:20 See also Jn 9:41; Jn 15:22; Ro 2:1; Ro 3:19-23; Ro 5:12; 1Jn 1:8,10

See also

6154fall, the
6183ignorance, of God
8712denial of Christ

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