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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5849 exaltation
5849 exaltation

5849 exaltation

The lifting up or raising on high of a person, in words or actions. The exaltation of Jesus Christ, first on the cross and then in his resurrection, provides a model of how God exalts the humble and obedient. God also humbles those who exalt themselves. Believers are called upon to exalt God in their praise of him.

True exaltation comes from God

Ps 75:6-7 See also Ge 39:1-6; 1Sa 2:1-10; 2Sa 7:18-29

God exalts those who are humble Jas 4:10 See also Mt 5:3-5; Lk 1:46-55; 1Pe 5:5-6; Pr 3:34

Examples of God’s exaltation of his people

God’s exaltation of Joshua Jos 3:7

God’s exaltation of David 2Sa 5:9-12 See also 2Sa 22:47-51 pp Ps 18:46-50; Ps 89:19-29

God’s exaltation of Solomon 1Ch 29:25 See also 1Ki 3:5-15 pp 2Ch 1:7-12; 1Ki 10:1-10 pp 2Ch 9:1-9

God’s exaltation of Jesus Christ

Prophecies of Jesus Christ’s exaltation Isa 52:13 See also Ps 110:1-7

The exaltation of Jesus Christ upon the cross Jn 3:14-15; Jn 12:32 See also Jn 8:28

God’s exaltation of Jesus Christ in the resurrection Ac 2:32-36 See also Ac 5:30-31; Php 2:9-11; Heb 7:26

Self-exaltation is wrong

Warnings against self-exaltation Pr 25:6-7 See also Da 4:19-27; Mt 23:5-12 pp Mk 12:38-39 pp Lk 20:45-47; Lk 14:7-11

Examples of self-exaltation Isa 14:13-14 See also Ge 11:3-4; Eze 28:1-2; Da 3:1-7; 2Th 2:3-4

Consequences of self-exaltation Mt 23:12 pp Lk 14:11 See also Ge 11:5-9; Isa 2:11-17; Isa 14:12-20 taunt against the king of Babylon; Da 4:28-33; Lk 18:9-14

The exaltation of God in his people’s praise

Ex 15:1-2 Rejoicing after the exodus from Egypt. See also Ps 34:1-3; Ps 57:9-11; Ps 99:5; Ps 145:1-13; Isa 25:1; Da 4:36-37

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