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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5846 enjoyment
5846 enjoyment

5846 enjoyment

The ability to find pleasure and joy in life. Scripture sees the capacity for enjoyment as a gift from God, whose people are to find pleasure and happiness in him and the many blessings he has given to them.

Human capacity and opportunity for enjoyment is bestowed by God

Ecc 5:18-20; 1Ti 6:17 See also Ne 9:35; Ecc 2:24-26

People find enjoyment in a great diversity of things

Enjoyment of the land and its produce Nu 14:31 See also Ge 45:17-18; Dt 20:6; Dt 28:30; Isa 65:22; Jer 31:5

Enjoyment of long life and health Ecc 11:8 See also Dt 6:1-2; 1Ch 29:28; Pr 28:16; 3Jn 2

Enjoyment of peace and security Ps 37:11 See also Jdg 8:28; Ps 37:3; Jer 33:6-9; Ac 9:31; Ac 24:2

Enjoyment of prosperity Ps 106:4-5 See also Ps 37:18-19

Enjoyment of food and drink Ecc 8:15 See also Ne 8:9-12; Hab 1:16

Enjoyment of friendship and fellowship Ro 15:24 See also Jdg 19:6,9,22; Ps 55:12-14

Enjoyment of love Pr 7:18 See also Ecc 9:9

Enjoyment of the fruits of righteous living Isa 3:10 See also Pr 13:2

Enjoyment of good favour Ac 2:46-47 See also Ac 7:45-46

Enjoyment of work Ecc 3:22 See also Ecc 3:13

Enjoyment of light of the world Jn 5:35 See also Job 33:28

Enjoyment of hospitality Ro 16:23

Enjoyment of rest Job 3:18

Enjoyment of fragrance Ex 30:38

People also find unwholesome enjoyment in sin

Heb 11:24-25 See also Job 20:12-14

The land enjoying rest

2Ch 36:21 See also Lev 26:34,43

Lack of enjoyment

Ecc 4:8 See also Dt 28:30; Job 20:17-19; Job 21:23-25; Ecc 2:26; Ecc 6:1-6

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