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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5845 emptiness
5845 emptiness

5845 emptiness

Scripture stresses the emptiness of human life without God, and notes that Jesus Christ chose to empty himself in order to redeem humanity.

Emptiness and creation

The world created to be filled Isa 45:18; Hab 2:14 See also Ge 1:2

Emptiness as a symbol of judgment Jer 4:23

Human life can be empty

Ru 1:21 See also Ecc 1:2; Ecc 3:19; Ecc 12:8

Human words can be empty

Job 35:13 See also Job 35:16; Isa 16:6; Isa 36:5 pp 2Ki 18:20; Isa 59:4; Eph 5:6; 2Pe 2:18

Human attempts at fulfilment are empty

Work does not satisfy Isa 55:2 See also Ps 127:1-2; Ecc 2:17; Ecc 6:7; Hag 1:5-6

Pleasure does not last Job 20:5 See also Pr 21:17; Ecc 2:1-3,25

Wealth does not satisfy Ecc 5:10 See also Ecc 4:7-8; Lk 12:15; 1Ti 6:9-10

Material possessions are unreliable Lk 12:18-20 See also Job 8:13-15; Job 15:31; Ps 49:10,12,16-17; Pr 11:4; Ecc 5:15; 1Ti 6:7

False religion cannot save Isa 57:13 See also Jdg 10:14; Isa 44:17-18; Isa 45:20; Isa 46:7; Jer 11:12; Ac 14:15

Emptiness as the result of sin

Mic 6:13-14 See also Lev 26:14-16; Ps 78:32-33; Hos 4:10; Hag 1:7-9

God wants to remove the emptiness of people’s lives

1Pe 1:18 See also Ps 81:10; Jn 1:16; Jn 10:10; Eph 4:13; Col 2:10

Jesus Christ accepts emptiness in order to redeem humanity

Php 2:7 See also 2Co 8:9

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