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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5836 disgrace
5836 disgrace

5836 disgrace

Shame and dishonour that can arise from sin and idolatry. The exile of Israel brought disgrace upon God’s name. God’s people may suffer disgrace for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Examples of disgrace

Brought on Israel As the result of Achan stealing what was dedicated to God: Jos 7:1-5,11-15
1Sa 17:23-26 as the result of Goliath’s boasting; Ps 44:9-19 when God no longer acted on Israel’s behalf

Brought on Israel’s enemies Ps 6:10; Ps 35:4,26; Ps 40:14; Ps 44:15; Ps 70:2; Ps 71:13; Ps 83:17-18

Sin brings disgrace

Ge 3:8-10 See also Ps 52:1; Pr 13:5; Pr 14:35; Pr 18:3; Jer 3:25; Da 9:7-8; Hos 4:7; Ro 2:23-24

False prophets disgraced Jer 23:38-40

Idolaters disgraced Isa 45:16 See also Ex 32:25; Isa 1:29; Jer 2:26-28; Hos 10:6

The sexually immoral disgraced Pr 6:32-33 See also Ge 34:1-7; Lev 20:17; Dt 22:21; Jdg 19:22-24; Jdg 20:4-7; 2Sa 11:2-5; 2Sa 12:14; 2Sa 13:12-14,22

Barrenness could bring disgrace

Ge 30:22-23; 1Sa 1:6; Lk 1:25

The exile brought disgrace upon God’s name

Eze 36:20-21 See also Ne 1:3; Ne 2:17; Jer 22:22; Jer 51:51; La 5:1-2

God’s people may suffer disgrace for the sake of Jesus Christ

Heb 11:26 See also Mt 5:11-12 pp Lk 6:22-23; Ac 5:41; Heb 13:13; 1Pe 2:21; 1Pe 4:1,13; 1Pe 5:10

See also

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7215exile, the

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