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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5835 disappointment
5835 disappointment

5835 disappointment

The sadness experienced when people or circumstances do not fulfil expectations.

Disappointment caused by people or circumstances

Job 6:19-21; Jer 8:15 See also Ps 10:1; Pr 10:1; Pr 13:12; Pr 17:21; Pr 29:21; Ecc 6:2; Isa 49:4; Jer 2:36; Jer 14:19; La 4:17; Eze 37:11

Disappointment as a result of not understanding God’s purposes

Lk 24:21 See also Job 30:26; Ps 73:13; Jer 15:18

Disappointment as the result of sin

Pr 11:7; Hag 1:9 See also Job 11:20; Pr 10:28; La 3:18; Hos 13:15; Joel 1:10; Zec 9:5

Examples of disappointment

Ru 1:20 Naomi at her losses; 1Sa 1:10 Hannah with her childlessness; 1Sa 15:11 Samuel with Saul; 1Sa 30:3-6 David and his men at Ziklag; 1Ki 19:4 Elijah with his own performance; Mt 19:22 pp Mk 10:22 pp Lk 18:23 the rich young man; 2Co 12:21 Paul’s possible disappointment with the Corinthians; Gal 1:6 Paul with the Galatians

God’s disappointment with people

Ge 6:6; 1Sa 15:35 See also Ps 78:40; Isa 63:10; Eze 6:9

God does not disappoint his faithful people

Jos 21:45; Ro 5:5 See also Jos 23:14; 1Ki 8:56; Ps 22:5; Ps 25:3; Ps 119:116

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