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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5834 disagreement
5834 disagreement

5834 disagreement

A failure to be of one mind, which should be avoided whenever possible within the church, the family and other areas of everyday life. Christians are urged to maintain the unity of the church and avoid damaging division.

Disagreement within the church

Between individuals Php 4:2 See also Mk 9:33-34 pp Lk 9:46; Ac 15:36-40 these differences later reconciled; see 1Co 9:6; 2Ti 4:11; 1Co 1:11-12; 1Co 3:3-4; 2Co 12:20

About doctrine Ac 15:1-2 See also Ac 15:11-14,19-20; Gal 2:11-14

Disagreement in the family

May cause estrangement Mic 7:6 See also Ge 27:41-45; Ge 37:4

Is unpleasant to live with Pr 19:13; Pr 21:9,19; Pr 25:24; Pr 27:15

Disagreement among witnesses

Mk 14:56 The background to this statement is Dt 19:15, which demands that conviction can only take place on the testimony of two or three agreed witnesses.

The wisdom of avoiding disagreement

2Ti 2:14 See also Pr 17:14; Pr 20:3; Pr 26:17,21; Ro 16:17; 2Ti 2:23

To prevent division Mt 12:25 pp Mk 3:24-25 pp Lk 11:17 See also 1Ki 12:16-17 pp 2Ch 10:16-17

Sin provokes disagreement

Gal 5:19-20 See also Pr 6:12-14; Pr 17:19; Tit 3:9-11; Jas 3:16

Examples where disagreement is inevitable

1Sa 11:1-2 Nahash’s suggestion to the men of Jabesh Gilead; 1Ki 20:8 Ben-Hadad’s demands on Ahab

Examples of resolved disagreement

Ge 13:5-9 Abraham and Lot resolve their disagreement over land and livestock; Ge 26:19-22 Isaac settles a disagreement about the water supply; 1Ki 3:16-27 Solomon resolves a disagreement between two prostitutes.

Ways to resolve disagreement

Settlement out of court Mt 5:25 pp Lk 12:58 See also 1Co 6:1

Accepting weaknesses Ro 14:1

Striving for harmony 1Co 1:10 See also Ro 14:19; Ro 15:5; 2Co 13:11; Eph 4:3; Php 2:2-3; Col 3:13-15; 1Th 5:13; 2Ti 2:23-24; 1Pe 3:8

Appointing wise leaders Dt 1:12-13 Moses realised that he was unable to deal with all the people’s disputes alone. See also Mt 18:15-17; 1Co 6:5-6

Being of sound doctrine 1Ti 1:3-4 See also Tit 3:9-10

Those who seek to resolve disagreement are blessed

Mt 5:9 See also Jas 3:18

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