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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5827 curse
5827 curse

5827 curse

An expression of contempt or malediction for someone. To be cursed is to suffer various kinds of misfortune, sometimes to the extent of being cut off from one’s family or community, or of suffering death itself.

Divine curses

Divine curses came into effect after the fall Ge 3:14-19 See also Ge 5:29; Ge 8:21 This curse refers to the flood; the curse of Ge 3:17 is not revoked here.

Divine curses come from disobeying the law Dt 28:15-19 See also Lev 26:14-39; Dt 11:26-28; Dt 27:9-26; Dt 28:20-68; Dt 29:18-21; Jer 11:2-4,8; Da 9:11-14; Gal 3:10

Human curses

Human curses upon other human beings 2Ki 2:23-24 See also Ge 9:24-25; Jos 9:22-23; 1Sa 14:24-28; Ne 13:25

Human curses upon God Job 2:9; Rev 16:9 See also Isa 52:5; Eze 20:27

Human beings are forbidden to curse God and others Lev 24:15-16 Cursing rulers: Ex 22:28; 1Ki 21:13 Cursing one’s father or mother: Ex 21:17; Mt 15:4 pp Mk 7:10; Lev 20:9
Lev 19:14 cursing the deaf

People can curse the day they were born

Jer 20:14 See also Job 3:1-10

Paul wishes himself cursed for the sake of Israel

Ro 9:3-4

Jesus Christ took the curse of the law upon himself

Gal 3:13-14 See also Dt 21:22-23

Christians are exhorted to bless those who curse them

Lk 6:27-28 See also Mt 5:39-42 pp Lk 6:29-30; Ro 12:14; 1Co 4:12-13

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