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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5816 consciousness
5816 consciousness

5816 consciousness

The state of being aware, especially of one’s actions and motivations, or of the existence and concerns of others. All people have a general awareness or consciousness of God and of sin, but it is often suppressed or destroyed.

Consciousness of sin

Through the law Ro 3:19-20 See also Ro 7:7-13; Jas 2:9-10

Through the convicting power of the Holy Spirit Jn 16:8 See also 1Co 14:24-25; Jude 14-15

Through comparison with God’s righteousness Ps 143:2 See also Job 25:2-6; Ps 130:3-4

Consciousness of God

Through an innate knowledge of the creator Ro 1:19-23 See also Ac 17:22-31; Ro 1:28; Eph 4:17-19

Through the revelation of God in nature Ac 14:17 See also Ps 19:1-6; Ps 50:6

Through observation of divine judgment Eze 6:13 See also Ps 83:16-18; Eze 29:6-9; Eze 39:6

Through observation of divine blessing Jos 4:23-24 See also Ex 7:5; Dt 4:35; Isa 52:9-10

Lack of consciousness

Job 14:10-12 See also Ps 6:5; Ps 30:9; Ps 31:17; Ps 88:10-12; Ps 115:17-18; Ecc 9:5-6,10; Isa 38:18-19

See also

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3248Holy Spirit, conviction
5029knowledge of God
5031knowledge of sin
8134knowing God

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