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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5815 confusion
5815 confusion

5815 confusion

A state of perplexity, bewilderment or disorder. Confusion may be brought about by God to cause the schemes of the wicked to fail and opposition to his people to prove ineffective. Confusion over spiritual truth is the natural state of humanity; believers, too, may be perplexed by God’s purposes or thrown into confusion by false teaching.

Examples of people in confusion

2Sa 18:29; Est 3:15; Lk 21:25-26; Ac 17:8; Ac 19:32

God sends confusion as judgment

The righteous ask God to confuse their enemies Ps 35:26 See also Ps 40:14; Ps 55:9; Ps 70:2

God sends confusion on Israel’s enemies Ex 23:27 See also Dt 7:23; Ps 71:24

Israel, too, may experience confusion Dt 28:20 See also Dt 28:28; 2Ch 15:5-6; Jer 51:34

Examples of God sending confusion Ge 11:7-9 at the tower of Babel; Jos 10:10 on the Amorites; 1Sa 14:20 on the Philistines; 2Ch 20:22-23 on Jehoshaphat’s enemies

Spiritual confusion is humanity’s natural state

Isa 57:20-21 See also Isa 41:29; 1Co 1:18; 1Co 2:14; 2Co 4:3-4

Confusion relating to Jesus Christ

Confusion among the Jews Jn 6:52; Ac 2:6-7 See also Mt 12:23-24 pp Mk 3:22 pp Lk 11:15; Lk 9:7-9 pp Mt 14:1-2 pp Mk 6:14-16; Jn 3:4; Ac 2:12; 2Co 3:14

Confusion among Jesus Christ’s disciples Mt 8:27 pp Mk 4:41 pp Lk 8:25 See also Mk 9:5-6 pp Mt 17:4 pp Lk 9:33-34; Mk 16:8; Lk 24:22-25; Jn 6:60; Jn 16:17-19

Further examples of believers in confusion

Confusion over God’s purposes 2Co 4:8 See also Ps 73:12-14; Ecc 7:15; Isa 21:3-4; Da 4:19; Hab 1:2-4; 2Co 7:5; Gal 4:19-20

Confusion over doctrine Gal 1:6-7 See also Gal 4:9,17; Gal 5:10

Remedies for confusion

Confusion dispelled by asking God for understanding Jer 33:3 See also Jas 1:5

Confusion dispelled by the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit Jn 14:26 See also Jn 16:13; 1Co 2:9-10,13

Confusion combated by the teaching of wise leaders Ac 20:28-30; 2Ti 2:24-25; 2Ti 4:2-3; Heb 13:17

Confusion dispelled by the instruction of Scripture Ps 119:103-105; 2Ti 3:16

Confusion goes as believers grow to spiritual maturity Eph 4:13-14 See also Php 1:9-10; Heb 5:14

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