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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5812 concealment
5812 concealment

5812 concealment

The deliberate hiding from view of a person, object or action. Those who sin against God often attempt to hide from him. The Bible teaches the need to confess sin and receive God’s forgiveness. Nothing is concealed from him and all secrets will ultimately be revealed.

Attempted concealment of sin from God

Ge 3:1-10 See also Nu 32:23; Jos 7:21; 2Ki 17:9; Job 24:13-17; Eze 8:12

Such attempts are foolish Pr 28:13 See also Isa 29:15

No sin can be concealed from God Heb 4:13 See also Job 13:9; Job 10:14; Ps 44:20-21; Ps 69:5; Jer 16:17; Eze 11:5-6

Concealed sins will be exposed Ecc 12:14 See also Job 20:27; Mt 10:26 pp Lk 12:2; Ro 2:16; 1Co 4:5

Sins should be confessed to God and not concealed 1Jn 1:8-9 See also Ps 32:5-6

Believers should not conceal their light

Mt 5:14-16

God may conceal matters

Col 2:2-3; Col 3:3 Christ is the mystery of God, which has now been made known. Through faith, believers share in this mystery. See also Pr 25:2; Dt 29:29; Mt 13:11,35; Mk 13:32; Ac 1:7; Ro 16:25; Col 1:26

The concealment of people

Of Moses Heb 11:23 See also Ex 2:2

Of Israelite spies Jos 6:25 See also Jos 2:4-6; Jos 6:17

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