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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5802 care
5802 care

5802 care

A practical outworking of loving vigilance, efforts and tenderness. Care is perfectly shown by God. People should imitate God’s care, but human care is often limited, faulty or misplaced in self-centred ways.

Caring as part of God’s character

God’s care for his children Ps 121:3 See also Ps 8:4; Ps 23:1; Ps 65:9; Ps 115:12; Mt 6:32 pp Lk 12:30; Mt 10:30-31 pp Lk 12:7; Lk 15:20 God is the father in this parable.

Human care should reflect God’s nature Jn 15:12 See also Ge 37:14; 1Sa 10:2; 2Sa 18:29; Est 2:11; Lk 10:34-35; Ac 20:31; Php 4:10,14; 1Th 3:10

God’s care contrasted with human care Isa 49:15 See also Ps 118:9; Eze 34:2-3,11-12; Zec 10:2-3; Jn 10:13-14; 1Ti 3:5

Care involves responsibility

Ge 2:15 See also Ge 39:4; Nu 1:50; Pr 29:7; Mt 21:33-34,41 pp Mk 12:1-2 pp Mk 12:9 pp Lk 20:9-10 pp Lk 20:16; 1Ti 6:20

God’s care reflected in human relationships

Eph 5:25 See also Ps 103:13-14; Ecc 11:5; Isa 49:15; Eph 6:1,4; 1Ti 5:8

To be careless or uncaring is wrong

Jer 48:10 See also Dt 8:14; 2Ch 24:5; Isa 47:8; Zec 7:9-10; Mt 12:36

Care for worldly things is wrong

Php 4:6 See also Ecc 5:12; Mt 6:31-32 pp Lk 12:29-30; Mt 13:22 pp Mk 4:18-19 pp Lk 8:14; Lk 10:40-42; Lk 21:34; 1Co 7:32-34

God relieves his people of cares

1Pe 5:7 There is a vital distinction between “care” in the sense of “loving care” which Christians are to practise, and “worldly care” in the sense of “anxiety” which Christians should transfer to God, since they and their needs are his responsibility. See also Ps 37:25; Ps 55:22; Pr 3:5-6; Isa 53:4; Mt 11:28-29; Lk 12:11-12; Jn 14:1

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