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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5801 brokenness
5801 brokenness

5801 brokenness

God breaks the spirit of the proud and arrogant so that in their humility and brokenness they may come to repentance and restoration. A crushed heart or spirit may be caused by tragic circumstances or by God’s judgment.

Brokenness before God

Ps 51:17 See also Ps 34:18; Ps 51:8; Isa 57:15; Isa 66:2; Zec 12:10

Brokenness of heart

Ps 147:3 See also Ps 34:18; Ps 69:20; Ps 109:16; Isa 61:1; Jer 23:9; Eze 21:6-7

Brokenness of spirit

Job 17:1 See also Job 30:24; Job 31:38-40

Brokenness as a result of God’s judgment

On individuals Isa 1:28 See also Job 24:20; Isa 8:12-15; Isa 65:14-15; Jer 22:24-30

On nations Eze 32:28 See also Jer 48:4-5,16-17,38-39; Jer 50:23-24; Jer 51:6-10

Brokenness as contrition

Isa 66:1-2 See also Ps 34:18; Ps 51:16-17; Isa 57:14-21

See also

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1065God, holiness of
1310God as judge
3248Holy Spirit, conviction
5450poverty, spiritual
6222rebellion against God
6740returning to God

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