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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5798 betrayal
5798 betrayal

5798 betrayal

The treacherous exposing or deceiving of people by those they formerly trusted. It is usually associated with an enemy masquerading as a friend, or with a broken or abused relationship. Betrayal was suffered by Jesus Christ and can be expected by his followers.

Betrayal is part of human experience

Examples of those experiencing betrayal Ps 41:9 See also Jdg 16:18; 1Sa 18:17; 2Sa 19:26-27; Ps 55:12-14 Betrayal carries acute feelings for its victims; Jer 12:6; La 1:2,19

Examples of those murdered through betrayal The power struggles of Israel’s early kingship period gave rise to many bloody betrayals: 2Sa 3:27; 2Sa 4:6; 2Sa 11:15; 2Sa 13:28-29; 2Sa 20:10; 1Ki 21:8-10

Betrayal is seen as a particularly wicked act

Isa 33:1 See also 1Ch 12:17; Pr 25:9-10; Isa 24:16-17; Mt 26:24 pp Mk 14:21 pp Lk 22:22

The betrayal of Jesus Christ

Judas determines to betray Jesus Christ Mt 26:14-16 pp Mk 14:10-11 pp Lk 22:3-6

Jesus Christ’s knowledge of events Mt 26:21-23 pp Mk 14:18-20 See also Mt 20:17-19 pp Mk 10:33-34; Lk 22:21; Jn 13:11,18; Ps 41:9; Jn 13:21-27

Jesus Christ is betrayed by a kiss Mt 26:47-49 pp Mk 14:43-45 pp Lk 22:47-48 The kiss featured in several betrayals as part of feigned friendship (see e.g., 2Sa 20:9-10 and Pr 27:6).

The betrayer’s remorse Mt 27:3-5

Betrayal may be part of Christian experience

Mt 10:21 pp Mk 13:12 pp Lk 21:16 See also Da 7:25; Mt 10:35-36; Mic 7:6

Betrayal as a sign of the end times

Mt 24:10

God never betrays those who trust in him

Ps 89:33 See also Ps 118:8; Ps 125:1; Pr 29:25; Isa 26:3-4; 2Ti 1:12

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