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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5784 amazement
5784 amazement

5784 amazement

Astonishment and surprise are frequent responses to the actions and words of God and Jesus Christ.

Amazement at God’s actions

His marvellous deeds Ps 98:1 See also Jos 3:5 The Lord promises to do amazing things when his people cross the Jordan; Jdg 13:19; 1Ch 16:24; Ps 71:17; Ps 72:18; Ps 86:10; Ps 96:3; Ps 118:23; Isa 25:1; Da 3:24 Nebuchadnezzar is amazed at seeing four men in the furnace; Rev 15:1,3

His creation Job 37:5

His judgment Isa 29:9; Hab 1:5; Jn 5:28

Throughout his life Jesus Christ inspired amazement

Mt 27:14 pp Mk 15:5; Lk 2:33,47; Lk 4:22

Amazement at Jesus Christ’s teaching

At his inherent authority Mt 7:28-29 See also Mt 13:54 pp Mk 6:2; Mk 1:22 pp Lk 4:32; Mk 1:27 pp Lk 4:36; Jn 7:15

In debate with the Pharisees Mt 22:22 pp Mk 12:17 pp Lk 20:26

In theological debate with the Sadducees Mt 22:33

After talking with the rich young man Mt 19:25 pp Mk 10:26; Mk 10:24

After the cleansing of the temple Mk 11:18 pp Lk 19:47 Here the crowds’amazement causes the chief priests and teachers of the law to fear Jesus Christ.

Amazement at Jesus Christ’s revelation of himself

See also Lk 24:41; Jn 5:20; 2Th 1:10

Amazement at Jesus Christ’s miracles

Miracles of healing Mt 15:31 See also Mt 9:8 pp Mk 2:12 pp Lk 5:26 at the healing of the paralytic; Mk 5:42 pp Lk 8:56 at the healing of Jairus’daughter; Ac 3:10-11 at the healing of the crippled beggar

The casting out of demons Mk 1:27 Demonised mutes: Mt 9:33; Lk 11:14
Mk 5:20 Legion; Lk 9:43 a boy with an evil spirit

Miracles of nature Mt 8:27 pp Lk 8:25 See also Mt 21:20 the withered fig-tree; Mk 6:51 Jesus Christ walking on the water; Lk 5:9 the miraculous haul of fish

Amazement at the coming of the Holy Spirit and subsequent events

Ac 2:12 See also Ac 2:7; Ac 8:13 Simon’s amazement at the miracles performed by Philip; Ac 9:21 amazement at the change in Saul; Ac 10:45 astonishment at the Holy Spirit being poured out on the Gentiles; Ac 12:16 amazement at Peter’s release from prison; Ac 13:12

Jesus Christ himself experienced amazement

Mk 6:6; Lk 7:9

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