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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5775 abuse
5775 abuse

5775 abuse

The deliberate misuse of gifts or privileges, and the insulting of individuals. Scripture stresses that neither God’s gifts nor his people are to be abused.

The abuse of God and his people

Of God himself 2Ki 19:16

Of God’s people Ne 4:1-4; 1Pe 4:4 See also Mt 5:11; Ac 2:13; Ac 17:32; Ac 18:6; Rev 2:9

Of God’s servants Ac 2:13 See also 2Ch 36:16; Ps 22:6-8; Ps 69:7-12; Ps 123:3; Jer 20:7

Of Jesus Christ Lk 16:14 See also Lk 23:11

The abuse of Christian freedom is condemned

Believers are required to resist sin Ro 6:12 See also Ro 6:14; Heb 12:1-2; 1Jn 5:16-18

Grace does not give believers the freedom to sin Ro 6:1-2 See also Ro 6:15; Ro 3:5-8; Gal 2:17-21

The dangers of abusing Christian freedom

1Co 8:9-12 becoming a stumbling-block to others; Gal 5:13 indulging oneself; 1Pe 2:16 as means of covering up evil

Examples of the abuse of Christian freedom

Sexual excesses 1Co 5:1-2 See also 1Co 6:12-20; Rev 2:20-22

Abuse of giving Ac 5:1-2

Abuse of the Lord’s Supper 1Co 11:20-22

Falling back into sin See also Ro 6:1-2; Heb 12:1; 1Jn 1:8-10

Disobedience towards God Eph 5:6; 1Pe 2:8; 1Jn 2:3-4; 1Jn 3:4

Abuse of spiritual gifts 1Co 14:1-20

Eating food sacrificed to idols 1Co 8:1-13; Rev 2:14,20

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