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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5769 behaviour
5769 behaviour

5769 behaviour

A person’s actions or way of life. Good behaviour will not earn salvation, but believers must practise good behaviour in accordance with Scripture as evidence of their conversion. Scripture stresses that bad behaviour is inconsistent with Christian faith and urges believers to mend their ways.

Examples of good behaviour

Ge 6:22; Lk 1:6 See also Ge 5:24; 2Ki 18:3; Job 1:8; Jn 1:47; 3Jn 3,5-6,12

Examples of bad behaviour

1Ki 16:30 See also Ge 4:8; Ge 6:5; 1Sa 25:3; 2Ti 4:14; 3Jn 9-10

Good behaviour towards God is commanded

Ex 20:2-11 pp Dt 5:6-15

Obedience to God’s word Ps 1:2 See also Ps 19:7-11; Ps 119:1-4

Good behaviour towards other people is commanded

1Pe 2:12 See also Ex 20:12-17 pp Dt 5:16-21; Ps 15:1-5; Pr 12:2 Pr 10:1-31:31 contains much wisdom concerning good and bad behaviour; Mt 5:21-24

Good behaviour does not earn salvation

Ro 3:20; Tit 3:5 See also Gal 2:15-16; Eph 2:8-9; Php 3:9

Good behaviour confirms a believer’s profession of faith

Jas 2:14-19; 2Pe 1:5-11 See also Mt 7:16-20 pp Lk 6:43-45

Obedience to Jesus Christ and his teachings Mt 7:24-25 pp Lk 6:47-48 See also Jn 14:15,23; Jn 15:10; Col 3:16

A believer has died to sin and is alive to God Ro 6:11-14 See also Ro 6:2,19; Gal 5:16,24-25; Eph 4:22-24; Col 3:1,5,9-10; 1Th 5:5-8

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