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5740 virgin

5740 virgin

Generally a young person, especially a female, who has not had sexual intercourse. Virginity is an important quality in a bride, and its surrender or violation prior to marriage is sternly condemned. In the miracle of the incarnation, Mary was still a virgin when Jesus Christ was conceived. Virginity is also used metaphorically to denote purity and innocence.

Virginity is important in a bride

Virgins were sought as brides Ge 24:14-16; SS 4:12 See also Ge 24:42-45 The word translated “maiden” might also refer to a virgin; Lev 21:13-14; Dt 22:13-19; Est 2:2,17; Isa 62:5; Eze 44:22

The church presented as a virgin bride 2Co 11:2 See also Eph 5:25-27; Rev 19:7-8

The loss of virginity before marriage

Of a virgin not pledged in marriage Ex 22:16-17 See also Dt 22:28-29; 2Sa 13:12-16

Of a virgin pledged in marriage Dt 22:20-21 See also Dt 22:23-24 Betrothal was as serious a commitment as marriage itself; consorting with another person during this period was tantamount to adultery; Dt 22:25-27; Mt 1:18-19

Some fathers surrendered their daughters’virginity Ge 19:8 See also Jdg 19:24

Particular roles involving virgins

Maidens in victory processions Ps 68:25; Jer 31:4 See also Ex 15:20-21; Jdg 11:34; 1Sa 18:6

Virgins as bridesmaids Ps 45:14 See also Mt 25:1

A virgin looked after King David 1Ki 1:1-4

Virginity as a sign of purity and innocence

Virgins were spared after military victories Nu 31:17-18 See also Jdg 21:11-12

Israel’s virgin purity lost Jer 18:13 See also Jer 31:21-23; Eze 23:3-8

Virginity as a metaphor for (apparent) inviolability

2Ki 19:21 pp Isa 37:22; Isa 47:1

Lost opportunities of virgin youthfulness

Am 5:2 See also Jdg 11:36-40; Isa 23:12; Jer 46:11; La 1:15-16; La 2:13; Joel 1:8

Paul’s advice about virgins

A virgin is freer to serve God 1Co 7:32-35 The unmarried have fewer responsibilities and worldly cares and so may offer undivided devotion to God. See also 1Co 7:25-28

Remaining unmarried is a preferred option 1Co 7:8,37-38

Marriage is the proper outlet for sexual passion 1Co 7:9 Though Paul urges abstinence, sexual passion is not wrong; however, sexual relationships must be confined to marriage; 1Co 7:36

Mary’s virginity at Jesus Christ’s conception

Mt 1:20-25 See also Isa 7:14; Lk 1:27,34-35

Parable of the ten virgins

Mt 25:1-13

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