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5738 sons

5738 sons

The male offspring of parents. While sharing in the general privileges and responsibilities of children, sons had special claims to inheritance from their parents. To refer to Christians as “sons of God” is to identify both their relationship to God and also their rights as heirs of God. A significant number of titles for Jesus Christ make use of the term “Son”, stressing the close relationship between the Father and Son.

Privileges of sonship

Inheritance Pr 13:22; Gal 4:7; Heb 1:2

Being disciplined Discipline is here seen as a loving means of enabling a child to grow to maturity: Dt 8:5; Pr 19:18; Pr 29:17; Heb 12:5-11; Rev 3:19

Being loved and provided for Lk 11:11-13 pp Mt 7:9-11

Being prayed for See also Ge 17:18-20; 2Sa 12:16; Job 1:5

Examples of good sons

Ge 9:23 Shem and Japheth; Ge 22:6-12 Isaac Joseph: Ge 45:8-11; Ge 47:11-12
Lk 2:51 The voluntary obedience of the child Jesus towards Mary and Joseph is widely regarded as setting an example for believers. Timothy: 2Ti 1:5; 2Ti 3:14-15

Examples of bad sons

Ge 37:1-35 Jacob’s eleven sons; Lk 15:11-32

Christians as sons of God

Heb 12:5-6 See also Ro 8:14; Ro 9:26; 2Co 6:18; Heb 12:7

Adopted sons

Ex 2:10 See also Ge 48:5


Ge 19:12-14; Jdg 19:5; 1Sa 18:18-27

Family relationships must be subservient to one’s relationship with God

Mt 10:35 pp Lk 12:53; Mt 10:37

Son as an honorific term

Mt 9:2 pp Mt 9:5; Lk 15:31

Sons in a spiritual role

1Ti 1:18 See also Joel 2:28; Ac 2:17; 2Ti 1:1

Son in a non-literal sense

Mt 23:15; Mk 3:17; Jn 12:36; Ac 4:36; 1Th 5:5

Titles of Jesus Christ as Son

Son Isa 9:6 See also Ps 2:7,12; Mt 3:17; Jn 3:35

Son of Joseph Jesus Christ is described in this way by those who have yet to understand the circumstances of his conception and birth: Lk 3:23; Jn 1:45; Jn 6:42

Son of Mary Mk 6:3

Son of David Mt 15:22 See also Mk 10:47-48 pp Lk 18:38-39

Son of God Ac 9:20 See also Mt 4:3; Lk 1:35; Jn 1:34; Jn 19:7; Ro 1:3-4; 1Jn 5:5

Son of the living God Mt 16:16

Son of the Most High See also Lk 1:32

Son of Man Lk 19:10 See also Mt 8:20; Mt 17:22; Mk 9:12; Lk 17:22; Jn 5:27; Ac 7:56

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