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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5737 sisters
5737 sisters

5737 sisters

The daughter of one’s parents, or of either mother or father. The relationship with a sister is a close one, especially with an unmarried sister.

The relationship with a sister was a close one

Eze 44:25 See also Lev 21:1-3; Nu 6:6-7; Job 1:1-4

A brother had some measure of responsibility for his sister

SS 8:8-9 See also Ge 24:28-60; 2Sa 13:19-20

Sexual relationships with sisters

Marrying a sister was permissible in pre-Mosaic times Ge 20:12

Sexual relationships with a sister were later forbidden in Mosaic law Lev 18:9 See also Lev 18:11-13,18; Lev 20:17; Dt 27:22; Eze 22:11

Rape Ge 34:1-31 Dinah’s rape was avenged by her brothers; 2Sa 13:1-19 Tamar was raped by her half-brother; 2Sa 13:23-36 Absalom avenged Tamar’s rape.

Sometimes the wives of the patriarchs posed as their sisters

Ge 20:13 See also Ge 12:10-20; Ge 20:1-7; Ge 26:1-10

Examples of the behaviour of sisters

Jealousy Ge 30:1 See also Ge 30:7-8

Criticism Lk 10:38-42 See also Nu 12:1-15

Kindness and concern 2Ch 22:11 pp 2Ki 11:2 See also Ex 2:1-8; Job 42:11; Jn 11:1-3,17-32


Marriage to a sister-in-law was allowed in specific circumstances Dt 25:5-10 See also Ge 38:6-11

Sexual relationships with sisters-in-law were forbidden under normal circumstances Lev 18:16 See also Lev 20:21; Mk 6:17-20; Lk 3:19-20

Sister used as a term of affection

By a husband SS 4:9-10 See also SS 4:12; SS 5:1-2

In the church Ro 16:1 See also 1Ti 5:1-2; Phm 1-2; Jas 2:15-17; 2Jn 13

The metaphorical use of sister

Of death Job 17:13-16

Of wisdom Pr 7:1-5

Of nations Jer 3:6-10 See also Eze 16:44-63; Eze 23:1-49

Sister as a theological term

Describing the relationship of believers to Jesus Christ Mt 12:46-50 pp Mk 3:31-35

Jesus Christ requires his followers to put him before family ties Lk 14:26 See also Mt 19:29 pp Mk 10:29-30

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