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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5734 relationships
5734 relationships

5734 relationships

God created people to be in relationship with himself and with one another in friendship, marriage, family, society and the church.

Human beings are created to be in relationship

With God Rev 21:3 See also Isa 43:6-7; Hos 11:1; 2Co 6:18

With one another Ge 2:18 See also Ps 127:4; Pr 17:6,17; Pr 18:24; Pr 27:10; Ecc 4:9-12

Relationship with God

Is entered by faith Jn 1:12-13 See also Mt 12:50 pp Mk 3:35 pp Lk 8:21; Jn 17:3; Gal 3:26

Is expressed through covenant Ex 6:7 This is often known as the covenant formula. See also Ge 17:7; 2Sa 7:14-15 pp 1Ch 17:13-14; Lk 22:20 pp Mt 26:28 pp Mk 14:24; 2Co 6:16; Lev 26:12; Heb 10:15-18; Jer 31:33-34

Relationships between believers

Believers are to be in relationship with one another in the church Gal 3:28 See also Eph 2:14-16,19

Believers are to maintain good relationships Eph 4:3 See also Ro 12:18; Ro 14:19; Heb 12:14

Believers are to restore broken relationships Mt 18:15 See also Mt 5:23-24; Eph 4:26

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