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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5731 parents
5731 parents

5731 parents

Scripture stipulates that children should show respect and concern for their parents.

Honouring parents

Ex 20:12 pp Dt 5:16 See also Lev 19:3; Pr 23:22; Mt 19:16-19 pp Mk 10:17-19 pp Lk 18:18-20; Eph 6:1-3; Col 3:20; 1Ti 5:4

Dishonouring parents

2Ti 3:1-2 See also Ex 21:15-17; Dt 21:18-21; Eze 22:7; Mt 15:1-9 pp Mk 7:1-13; Ro 1:28-32

Love between parents and children can be suppressed

Lk 21:16-17 pp Mt 10:21 pp Mk 13:12 See also Zec 13:2-3

Love for God must surpass love for parents

Lk 14:26 See also Dt 33:8-11; Lk 18:28-30 pp Mt 19:27-29 pp Mk 10:28-30

Divine love surpasses parental love

Ps 27:10

The belief that children were punished for their parents’sins

Jn 9:1-3 See also Ex 20:5-6 pp Dt 5:9-10; Job 21:19-21; Eze 18:1-4

Parents caring for their children

2Co 12:14 See also Pr 19:14; Pr 23:24-25; Heb 11:23

Children caring for their parents

1Sa 22:3-4 See also Jos 2:8-20; Jos 6:22-23; Pr 17:6

Mourning for parents

Lev 21:1-2 See also Lev 21:10-11; Nu 6:2-7; Dt 21:10-13; Eze 44:25

Parents and the marriage of their children

A man leaves his parents to marry his wife Ge 2:21-24 See also Mt 19:3-6 pp Mk 10:2-9; Eph 5:25-33

Parents were responsible for vindicating their daughter’s reputation Dt 22:13-19

Sometimes parents jointly arranged their children’s marriages Jdg 14:1-3

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