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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5724 offspring
5724 offspring

5724 offspring

Literally, physical descendants, and figuratively, the recipients of a spiritual inheritance.

Physical offspring

Offspring as physical descendants Ge 12:7 See also Ge 13:15-16; Nu 18:19; Ru 4:12; Isa 61:9

Offspring as a blessing to parents Ps 127:3-5 See also Ge 21:6-7; Dt 7:14; Lk 1:41-45

Offspring as a blessing to others Ge 28:14 See also Ge 22:17-18; 2Sa 7:12-13 pp 1Ch 17:11-12; Lk 1:76-79

Absence of offspring seen as a sadness or curse Ge 15:2-3 See also Lev 20:20; Ps 109:9; Jer 22:30

Steps to be taken to provide offspring under the law Dt 25:5-6 See also Ru 4:10,13; Mt 22:24 pp Mk 12:19 pp Lk 20:28

Offspring as a result of God’s special intervention Heb 11:11 See also Ge 21:1-2; Ge 25:21; Jdg 13:2-3; Lk 1:11-13; Ro 4:18-21

God’s claim on the firstborn offspring Ex 13:1-2 See also Ex 13:11-16; Ex 34:19-20; Nu 3:11-13; Nu 8:15-18; Lk 2:22-24

Offspring can inherit parents’blessing or punishment Ex 20:5-6 pp Dt 5:9-10 See also Lev 26:39; Jer 22:28-30; Hos 9:15-17

The fate of the offspring of the wicked Job 27:13-14 See also Ps 37:28; Isa 14:20-22

Spiritual offspring

Human beings, the offspring of God through creation Ac 17:26-29

The offspring of Abraham Gal 3:29 See also Jn 8:31-41; Ro 4:13-17; Ro 9:6-8

Believers, spiritual offspring through new birth 1Pe 1:23 See also Jn 3:3-8; 1Jn 3:9; Rev 12:17

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