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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5707 male and female
5707 male and female

5707 male and female

God created humanity as male and female. Although gender differences are evident in behaviour and role, Scripture teaches the equality and complementarity of the sexes.

The creation of male and female

Ge 1:27 See also Ge 2:20-24; Ge 5:2

The fall disrupted relationships between male and female

Ge 3:14-19 See also 2Sa 13:1-19; Pr 5:3-14; Mt 5:28; Ro 1:26-27

The equality of male and female

Equality under many old covenant regulations Nu 5:5-7 See also Lev 20:10-12; Nu 5:1-4; Dt 15:12-15; Dt 23:17-18

Equality in religious observance Ex 35:22 See also Nu 6:1-4; Dt 31:12; 2Sa 6:19

Equality of accountability La 2:21 See also Lev 20:27; 2Ch 36:15-17; Ac 5:1-11

Equality in Christ Gal 3:26-28 See also Ac 2:17-18; Joel 2:28-29; 1Co 11:11-12

Variations in the treatment of male and female

In OT patriarchal society Lev 27:1-7 See also Ge 17:9-14; Ex 13:1-2,14-15; Nu 3:14-15; Nu 5:11-31; Nu 18:8-10

In legislation protecting women under the old covenant Nu 27:1-7 See also Nu 36:1-12; Dt 22:13-19,25-29

In roles within the NT church community 1Co 14:33-35 See also 1Co 11:3-10; Eph 5:22-24 The idea of “headship” is complex, but is generally regarded as including the ideas of responsibility and authority within a relationship; 1Ti 2:11-15; Tit 2:1-5

In behaviour within the NT church community 1Ti 2:8-10 See also 1Co 11:3-16; 1Ti 5:1-2

Male and female roles within marriage

1Co 7:1-7 See also Pr 31:10-31; Eph 5:22-33; Col 3:18-19; 1Pe 3:1-7

Male and female imagery used of God

Female imagery Mt 23:37 pp Lk 13:34 See also Pr 8:1-11; Isa 66:12-13

Male imagery Ps 47:2 See also Ex 15:3; Ps 23:1; Mt 6:6; Lk 11:11-13 pp Mt 7:9-11

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1215God, feminine descriptions

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