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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5704 inheritance, material
5704 inheritance, material

5704 inheritance, material

Family property was normally handed down in biblical times through sons, with a special place for the firstborn. The land of Israel was regarded as the nation’s inheritance.

Inheritance of family property

It was normally handed down through sons Ge 15:3-4 See also Ge 25:5; Jer 49:1; Eze 46:16-17; Mt 21:38 pp Mk 12:7 pp Lk 20:14; Gal 4:30; Ge 21:10

The absence of a son as a male heir was seen as a serious disadvantage Ge 25:21; Dt 25:5-6; Jdg 21:17; 1Sa 1:10-11; 2Sa 14:4-7

Other relatives could inherit Nu 27:8-11 See also Nu 27:1-7; Nu 36:2-4; Ru 4:1-4; Job 42:15

Servants could inherit Ge 15:2-3

Inheritance before death Lk 15:11-12 The son’s asking for his inheritance is perhaps to be seen as an insult.

The rights of the firstborn Dt 21:15-17 See also Ge 27:19,32; 2Ch 21:3

Stewardship of one’s own inheritance

It must be preserved 1Ki 21:2-3 See also Pr 13:22

It must not be squandered Heb 12:16 See also Ge 25:29-34; Lk 15:13

It must not be fought over Lk 12:13-15

Respect for the inheritance of others

Mic 2:2-3 See also Eze 46:18

The land as Israel’s inheritance

It was promised to Abraham Ge 12:6-7 See also Ge 13:14-15; Ge 15:7,18-21; Ge 17:8; Ac 7:3-5; Heb 11:8

It was confirmed to Moses and the patriarchs Ex 6:2-4,8

Entry was denied because of sin Nu 14:22-23; Dt 4:21

It was entered by faith Heb 11:8-9,30

It was conquered by Joshua Jos 1:1-4; Jos 11:23

It was allotted to the tribes Jos 14:1-5

It was a land for the godly Ps 37:9,11,22,29,34

It was a good inheritance Ex 3:8 See also Lev 20:24; Nu 13:21-27; Dt 8:7-8; Dt 11:10-12; Ps 65:9-10; Jer 2:7

The Lord’s inheritance in the land Ex 15:17; Jos 22:19; Zec 2:12

The inheritance was lost through sin Jer 17:4 See also Ps 79:1; La 5:2

God’s judgment on the nations Jer 12:14-17

The land was regained through grace Ezr 1:1-2; Jer 29:10-11

God renewed his promises Ps 69:34-36 The Jews did return to the land; some look, however, for a further fulfilment of these promises in the future; others see them as fulfilled in Jesus Christ. See also Isa 57:13; Isa 58:13-14; Isa 61:7; Isa 65:9; Zec 8:12

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