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5701 heir

5701 heir

Property and power in biblical times normally descended from father to son. Jesus Christ is therefore called God’s heir, and believers are said to inherit in him.

The heir in ancient Israel

The heir of property Ge 15:3-4 See also Pr 13:22; Pr 19:14

The heir of power 1Ki 2:12 pp 1Ch 29:28 See also 1Ki 11:43; 1Ki 14:31; 1Ki 15:3

Lack of an heir regarded as a very serious matter Dt 25:5-6; Jdg 21:17; 2Sa 14:4-7 The woman of Tekoa was interceding indirectly for Absalom, David’s heir, who had been banished.

Daughters and other relatives could be heirs if there were no sons Nu 27:1-11

Property could be inherited before death Lk 15:11-12 The prodigal son’s request of inheritance before death could perhaps be regarded as an insult, but graciously the father complied out of love.

An heir must not give up his inheritance Heb 12:16 See also Ge 25:29-34; Nu 36:6-7; 1Ki 21:3; Jer 49:1

The firstborn son was heir to a double share Dt 21:17

Jesus Christ as the heir of God

Heb 1:2 See also Mt 28:18; Lk 19:12; Jn 3:35

Jesus Christ is heir as the Father’s firstborn Heb 1:6

Envy of Jesus Christ as heir Mt 21:37-39 pp Mk 12:6-8 pp Lk 20:13-15

God’s people as heirs

God himself as his people’s inheritance Jos 18:7; Ps 73:26; Ps 119:57; Ps 142:5; Jer 51:19

Israel as heirs to land Ex 32:13 See also Ps 105:44

Noah, heir of righteousness Heb 11:7

Abraham, heir of promise Ge 17:4-8; Lk 1:54-55; Heb 11:8-9

David, heir of a kingdom 2Sa 7:8-16

Israel, heirs of the prophets Ac 3:25; Ro 3:2

All believers are heirs by faith Gal 3:29 See also Ro 4:13-17

Heirs under the covenant Heb 6:17 See also Heb 9:15

Heirs through God’s grace Gal 3:18 See also Col 1:12

Co-heirs with Jesus Christ Ro 8:17

The privileges of God’s heirs

Believers are heirs to the full rights of sons See also Gal 4:1-7

Believers are heirs as the firstborn Heb 12:23

Believers are heirs of salvation Heb 1:14

Believers are heirs of eternal life Tit 3:7; 1Pe 1:3-4

Believers are heirs of the earth Mt 5:5; Ps 37:11

Believers are heirs of the kingdom Mt 25:34

Believers are heirs of all things 1Co 3:21-22; 2Co 6:10; Rev 21:7

Believers are heirs of life 1Pe 3:7

Believers as heirs share Jesus Christ’s throne Lk 22:29-30; Rev 3:21

God’s inheritance is his people

Dt 32:9; Zec 2:12

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