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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5700 headship
5700 headship

5700 headship

The quality of being in a position of leadership or guidance. Headship has to do with God’s relation to this created world, and to his ordering of relationships within it. Headship among human beings does not necessarily signify superior status, but rather a role of leadership and care. Scripture sees it as involving servanthood, and views Jesus Christ as the supreme model of this.

God as head over all things

1Ch 29:11 See also Isa 45:23; Da 4:34-35; Ro 9:14-21; 1Co 15:24-28

Headship within the Godhead

The Father’s eternal headship 1Co 11:3 See also 1Co 15:24-28; Php 2:6

The Father’s headship in the Son’s earthly life and ministry Jn 6:38 See also Mt 26:39 pp Mk 14:36 pp Lk 22:42; Php 2:6-8; Heb 5:7-8

Jesus Christ as head of all creation

Head of the created order Col 1:15-17 The description of Jesus Christ as the firstborn does not imply he is part of creation, but rather stresses his rights of inheritance over it. See also Heb 1:2-4

Head of all earthly and spiritual powers Eph 1:20-22 See also Col 1:15-18; Col 2:10; Heb 2:8

Head of the church Eph 4:15-16 See also Eph 5:23; Col 1:18; Col 2:19

Head over all things at the end Eph 1:9-10 See also 1Co 15:25-27; Rev 19:11-16

Delegated headship in God’s world

Headship of humanity over creation Ge 1:28 See also Ps 8:1-9; Heb 2:5-8

Headship of rulers over their nations Ps 18:43 See also 1Sa 15:17; Isa 7:8-9; Da 2:31-38; Ro 13:1-6; 1Pe 2:13-14

Headship of chiefs over their tribes and families Jos 22:13-14 See also Nu 1:1-16; Jdg 10:17-11:11; 1Ch 5:15

Headship of the husband over his wife Eph 5:22-24 See also 1Co 11:3-16 Women, including wives, were told to cover their heads when praying or prophesying in public as an acknowledgment, apparently, that headship attaches to males; Col 3:18; 1Pe 3:1-6

Headship of leaders over the people of God 1Th 5:12 See also 1Sa 24:1-7; Isa 3:1-7 The removal of headship and leadership is seen as a mark of God’s judgment; Heb 13:17

Humility, love and respect are to be the framework for delegated headship 1Pe 5:1-3 See also Eph 5:21,25-30

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