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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5696 grandchildren
5696 grandchildren

5696 grandchildren

Grandchildren mentioned in Scripture

Terah’s grandson, Lot Ge 11:31

Nahor’s grandchildren Ge 29:5 See also Ge 24:47-48

Laban’s grandchildren Ge 31:55 See also Ge 31:26-28

Zibeon the Hivite’s granddaughter, Oholibamah Ge 36:2 See also Ge 36:14

Esau’s grandchildren Ge 36:12-13 See also Ge 36:16-17

Jacob’s grandchildren Ge 46:7 See also Ge 45:10

Gideon’s grandson Jdg 8:22

Abdon’s grandsons Jdg 12:13-14

Saul’s grandson, Mephibosheth 2Sa 19:24 See also 2Sa 9:9-10; 2Sa 16:3

Omri’s granddaughter, Athaliah 2Ki 8:26 pp 2Ch 22:2

The grandsons of the sons of Ulam 1Ch 8:40

Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson Jer 27:6-7

Grandchildren as representative of descendants

Ex 10:1-2 See also Dt 4:25-26; 2Ki 17:41

Believing grandchildren have a responsibility to care for their grandparents

1Ti 5:4

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